AT & T server hosting sites which infringe copyrights, CEO Randall silent

  Summary: AT &T U-verse server is hosting website which is infringing on copyrights owned by and and despite several requests to both and also AT &T abuse depart no action has been taken and email to CEO to Randall Stephenson met with silence. Following is a case where a large organization … Read more

Codex India Business Summit London 2016 Highlights

  Codex India business summit held in London on 28th June 2016. Eminent speakers included Rt Hon John Redwood MP, Mihir Bose, James Crabtree, Simon Lister, Prof Sunil Khilnani, Dr David Landsman, Jaideep Prabhu, Mukulika Banerjee, etc. Heinrich Limited set a new milestone Below are some of the highlights of the Codex Summit. Farmers in Indian Agriculture sector are losing money. … Read more

India Summit 2016 to be held in London 28 June by Codex

(PRESS RELEASE) India’s digital rope trick India Summit 2016 to be held in London 28 June by Codex London 16 June 2016: India’s start up sector is booming, attracting billions in venture capital. But can these tech-driven businesses meet India’s economic and social needs? The digital transformation of India will be a central theme at … Read more

How India can utilize proven British expertise from NRIs

Letter to the editor –How India can utilise proven British expertise from willing non-resident Indians who can invest their technical skills -Ashis Choudhury As you know well, the UK-India Business Council and UK Trade & Investment, in association with the High Commission of India, are making considerable efforts in utilising British expertise in India’s development … Read more

Make in India: Red Tape to Red Carpet: Dr Virander Paul

The Indian High Commission in the UK and The UK India Business Council organized an insightful seminar on the opportunities being created through the Indian Government’s ‘Make in India’ initiative. The areas of potential collaboration between the UK and India were highlighted during the recent visit of the Indian Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi, to the … Read more