Shoot Video, Upload, Get paid -Jon Cornwell, CEO, Newsflare

Jon Cornwell, CEO, Newsflare (a former management consultant) is helping thousands of freelance journalist to earn their living while enjoying their freelance lifestyle. Jon co-founded Newsflare in April 2011 with a very simplified process where freelance journalist shoots the videos and upload them at Newsflare. Newsflare sells them to News organizations and as they are … Read more

HSBC closing India private banking business

HSBC another foreign bank is shutting its private banking business in India, Asia’s third-largest economy. “After a strategic review of the global private banking operations in India, we have decided to close the business,” an HSBC Indian spokesman said. Many foreign wealth managers opened business in India thinking of fast economic growth, only to find … Read more

P&G Visa shifts around 35 % of ads budget to digital

Digital media is proving to be a faster and cheaper way for brands to reach their consumers i.e. companies around the globe are increasing their digital marketing budget. The growing importance of digital is reflected in P&G CEO A.G. Lafley statement when he mentioned that digital is now up to a 35% share of P&G’s … Read more

Goldman Sachs bullish on India but earns only 0.25 percent revenue

May 2013: Goldman Sachs remains quite bullish on India for years now started getting a reality check and finding it difficult to do business in the world’s second-fastest-growing economy. BRIC the acronym was coined by Goldman Sachs economist Jim O’Neill in a 2001 paper entitled “Building Better Global Economic BRICs”.  Goldman Sachs argues that the … Read more

India Business and Rising Corruption

India offers many opportunities for those who are brave enough to take risk and smart enough to avoid the pitfalls. One of the greatest pitfall while doing business is India is the widespread corruption. None other than the business icon of India, Ratan Tata, chairman of the $67.4 billion conglomerate, voice his frustration, stating that … Read more

Is Domain worth $13 Million

Many say sex sells, and that saying seems to be true at least in the case of domain name of, which was recently sold for cool $13 million. The domain was put up for auction in July 2010 and was bought by Clover Holdings, a company registered on the Caribbean island of St Vincent, … Read more