Thousands sign petition against Rendall & Rittner

Thousands of Leaseholders are unhappy with property management company Rendall and Rittner for Fire Safety Failures and Unfair Service Charges in the UK. Petition against property managing agent Rendall and Rittner (which also manages Imperial Wharf development in SW6 London by St George developers) is reaching nearly 5000. 4,945 residents across 200 developments in the … Read more

Is Rendall & Rittner overcharging Mallard House SW6 residents

Is managing agent Rendall & Rittner (R&R)overcharging service charges from the Mallard House SW6 London residents? According to the Mallard House resident lease, In DEFINITIONS & INTERPRETATION, it states VERY CLEARLY: 1(2)(a) The EXPRESSIONS set out in the LEFT-hand column of the PARTICULARS on the First Page of this lease shall have the meanings assigned … Read more

Should Mallard House residents pay for other buildings maintenance

Should Mallard House residents in SW6 London pay for other buildings’ maintenance as charged by managing agents Rendall and Rittner?

Mallard House residents in SW6 London are charged for the maintenance of other buildings (which are part of estate 1A) and services which they are not allowed to use, as their service charges (a portion), why?

The above pic shows the expenses for the Roof garden more than £6000 each for building Olive house and Cypress house which are part of estate 1a). Why should Mallard House residents pay for other building maintenance?

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