UK Govt AI Regulation White Paper

Summary: The UK government is allocating over £100 million to support regulators and advance AI research and innovation, focusing on sectors like healthcare and chemical discovery. Regulators, including Ofcom and the Competition and Markets Authority, are required to publish plans by the end of April addressing AI risks and opportunities. Types of AI Artificial Intelligence … Read more

What are the 3 main ethical concerns with AI?

Main ethical concerns with AI? Bias in AI: Concern: AI systems can unintentionally learn and perpetuate biases present in the data they are trained on, leading to unfair or discriminatory outcomes. Example: Imagine a resume screening AI that learns from historical hiring data. If the historical data has a bias towards a specific gender or … Read more

AI to Leverage Training CloudShare Event Highlights

AI (Artificial Intelligence) to leverage training event organised by CloudShare was held on Tuesday 3rd May 6-8 pm, at the Revolution London – Leadenhall in London. The followings are the highlights of the CloudShare event: Daniel Hulme from Satalia shared informative insights into the world of AI & Microsoft representative shared how Cloudshare product helped … Read more

Generative AI : Charging Creativity Codex Event Highlights

Generative AI (Artificial Intelligence): Turbo-charging creativity event organised by Codex was held on Thursday 27th April 5-30pm, at the Swiss Embassy in London. Following are the highlights of the Codex event: According to Emad Mostaque of Stability ai: AI can pass almost any exam except the literature so there is scope for creativity. Stability ai … Read more

Indians to pay 20 percent TCS on Foreign Travel 1st July 2023

From July 1, 2023, the Indian government will increase the tax collection at source (TCS) rate for foreign travel for Indians to 20% (except for education and medical purposes) when buying via tour operators. This means that Indians have to pay 20 per cent more when buying foreign tour packages from tour operators and even … Read more

Indian crypto exchanges under investigation for $3.5billion drug trade

Around 200 transactions were conducted in the Cayman Islands, Nigeria & the British Virgin Islands, were routed through crypto exchanges located in India. India’s (ED)Enforcement Directorate & the Income Tax Department along with other Indian agencies are probing three digital asset management companies after the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) raised an alarm over their role … Read more

More than 450 Web3 startups in India: NASSCOM

As per the NASSCOM report, India is now home to more than 450 Web3 startups, which have raised around $1.3 billion in funding. Although Crypto is not fully acknowledged by the Indian government and there are policy uncertainties but the sector is booming in terms of jobs, still, India now accounts for 11 percent of … Read more

Codex Event Highlights Artificial Intelligence & Mobility


Codex World’s Top Innovators Conference highlights 26th Sept 2022 on Artificial Intelligence & Future of Mobility #technologynews #technologysumit #technologyconference Codex Innovators conference ” World’s Top 50 Innovators 2022″ began today 26th Sept at Central London. A distinguished lineup of CEOs, Scientists, Engineers, and Entrepreneurs presented & share their ideas with the audience. The format was … Read more

Is JB leitch harassing customers

Is JB Leitch harassing customers and lacking empathy? Just have a glance on a Google search about the Solicitor firm, google reviews rating shows 2 out of 5. There are 153 Google reviews about this Solicitor firm but the question arises is that can a firm have only 40 percent approval rating if it is … Read more

What are the different types of AI?

There are many types of Artificial Intelligence (AIs), each with its own skills. For example: Machine learning is like a detective, scanning through Billions of of data (pictures, numbers, text) to find hidden patterns. By analyzing the pattern it makes predictions, like whether an email is spam or what kind of product you might like … Read more

Can AI replace human jobs?

Yes, AI has already replaced certain human jobs and has the potential to replace many more. Self-Checkout Machines in Grocery Stores: When you go to a grocery store in London whether Tesco or Sainsbury or any other, you must have seen self-checkout machines. These machines use AI to scan and process your items, allowing you … Read more

How AI Artificial Intelligence is used in daily life?

how AI is used in daily life? Voice Assistants (Siri, Google Assistant): Example: When you talk to your phone and say, “Hey Siri” or “OK Google,” you’re using a voice assistant powered by AI. These assistants understand your voice commands and can help you with tasks like setting reminders, answering questions, or playing music. Recommendation … Read more

How does AI Artificial Intelligence work?

In real life, the way we learn from our experiences, similarly AI Artificial Intelligence works/learn by using algorithms and data. This process is often called machine learning. More info on artificial Intelligence and Machine learning. How AI works with two real-life examples: Virtual Assistants like Siri or Google Assistant: How it works: Imagine talking to Siri … Read more

AI robot to repair potholes in the UK

A robot equipped with artificial intelligence, known as the Autonomous Road Repair System (ARRES), is set to undergo testing on public roads in Hertfordshire. Developed by tech firm Robotiz3d and the University of Liverpool in collaboration with the county council, the robot identifies potential potholes and fills them to prevent water damage. Funding for the … Read more