WHO should consider Indian Ayurveda for Coronavirus Cure

WHO, World Health Organization should consider Indian Ayurveda 5000 years old natural healing science for Coronavirus Cure instead of waiting and pushing for a cure by vaccines which is uncertain. As of now, there is no remedy for COVID19 except testing and one-week isolation & during isolation many patients who don’t recover goes for ventilators, … Read more

Monaco International Film Festival Highlights in Pics

Monaco International Film Festival 2017 – 15th Angel Film Awards Highlights in Pictures coverage by official media partner Journalism News Network. The Monaco International Film Festival founders Rosana Golden & Dean Bentley made it their goal and purpose to showcase non-violent films and has distinguished their festival as the only international film festival that celebrates … Read more

Philanthropist Satish Modi book “In love with death” launched at Thai Festival

With an inspiration to live a meaningful life and die a noble death a 10-day festival held at Sathira-Dhammasathan in Thailand on December 1-10, 2017, and included the International Conference on December 5-7, 2017. Indian philanthropist Satish Modi’s book “In love with death” was also launched in the Thai language at this festival. A book … Read more

London Fashion Week February 2017 LFW in Pictures

London Fashion Week February 2017 LFW by House of ikons in pictures held on 18th Feb 2017 at Hotel Millinium in London.
Designers participated: 1st session
1. Grand Opening Isossy Children, 2. Nicole Jane, 3. Naforrer, 4. NNC London, 5. Jolie

2nd session:

1. Grand Opening Niche Clothing, 2. Streetlethic by Reka Orosz, 3. Ana Bella Millinery Feat Bel Cappello, 4. Raquel Sutherland, 5. SonderWear,
6. Caroline Coco,7. AMIRAB, 8. Beyond Label by Andreea Deaconu, MUSIC PERFORMANCE BY ‘LYDIA SINGER’, 9. Grand Finale Dimple Amrin

Independent newspaper – print to digital with Editor Christian Broughton

London Press Club hosted an evening with the Independent.co.uk newspaper on how the title has developed since its move to digital-only publishing on Tuesday 20th September at Northcliffe House London.   The event was attended by around 100 + audience mostly journalist and the live Q&A answered by the editor Christian Broughton. Christian shared his … Read more

Rendall & Rittner | Read Customer Service Reviews

[WPCR_INSERT] Rendall & Rittner | Read Customer Service Reviews It is unfortunate that as a Mallard House resident despite waiting for more than 4 months I have yet to receive response from Rendall and Rittner on the following Fire safety issues. Date: Tue, 13 Oct 2020 13:18:26 Hello Michael, Mallard House association is looking for … Read more

Eureka Forbes AquaSure Water Purifier Product Reviews

[WPCR_INSERT] Eureka Forbes AquaSure Water Purifier Worst Product and Misleading Sales Team Reviews I bought Eureka Forbes water purifier/filter 15 liters non electric Rs 1700 from Bareilly Gala Agencies on 17th Nov 2020, despite reading numerous negative reviews assuming Eureka Forbes is a well known brand from decades. I am totally dissatisfied and unhappy with … Read more

Is Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University ignoring the concerns of students | Latest News

Guru Gobind Singh Indraprasth University,  a Delhi state university has recently decided to go for offline exams of its final year students completely ignoring the genuine concerns of students and going against their own circular to conduct online exams issued in June. It all started in June when GGSIPU circulated that if exams not held … Read more

Why Obama didn’t stop modern day slave market in Libya?

Why honorable ex-president Obama didn’t stop the modern-day slave market in Libya? It’s been around 150 years since President Lincoln’s declared in the midst of the U.S. Civil War that all slaves “shall be free.”  But are they free till a few years back? Black slaves were sold in the open-air slave market during the … Read more

Trump signs Executive Order on Social Media to defend Free Speech

President Donald Trump signs Executive Order to defend free speech yesterday by preventing online censorship by Twitter and other tech companies. According to President Trump, tech bias has become a major issue facing US democracy. It challenges the free exchange of ideas and public debate that protects American civil liberties. President Trump believes that every … Read more