Post UK Election Breakfast Briefing Hosted by Penta Group

Post UK Election Breakfast Briefing: “What Will a New Labour Government Mean for Business?” Hosted by Penta Group

London, 9th July 2024 – Penta Group today hosted an insightful breakfast briefing titled “What Will a New Labour Government Mean for Business?” on the day Parliament reconvened following the UK elections. The event took place at the Cinnamon Club on Great Smith Street, London, 8:30 AM to 10:00 AM BST.

Detailed report on Labour Govt by Penta Group PDF   9 July, Labour PPC Update

This exclusive event brought together a distinguished panel of experts from Parliament and Whitehall to discuss the implications of the new government on business.

The panelists provided their perspectives on the political priorities of the new administration, the expected legislative agenda, and strategies for organisations to effectively engage with new MPs and advisers during the initial 100 days of the new government.

Some of the thoughts talked about:

Labour Party’s difficult position as there’s a shortage of funds

Labour Party may need to invite private-sector funding

Labour Party won the election by moving to the centre ground but can they move forward as a Centrist govt

Often civil servants have political affiliations and they may not be ready to move with any radical plan

GB Energy


Post UK Election Briefing by Penta Group 9th July 2024 #ukpolitics #uknews #pentagroup

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Panel of Experts:

Patrick Maguire – Times columnist and author of Left Out, the authoritative history of Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party.
Sam Gyimah – Former Conservative government minister and current board member at Goldman Sachs.
Rory O’Donnell – Penta Partner and former senior civil servant, provided an insider’s view on the mechanics of government transitions and the legislative priorities likely to emerge.

The briefing provided a platform for business leaders to gain valuable knowledge and prepare for the changes ahead. Topics covered included:

Political Priorities of the New Administration: Understanding the key areas of focus and anticipated policy directions.

Transition Dynamics: Insights into the first 100 days and the expected shifts in governance.

The event underscored Penta Group’s commitment to fostering informed dialogue between business leaders and policymakers. Attendees left with a better understanding of the new government’s direction and practical strategies for navigating the upcoming changes.

About Penta Group:
Penta Group is a leading consultancy firm specializing in political and regulatory affairs.

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