Codex hosted Ai themed Summer Drinks Reception

London, UK – July 5, 2024 – Codex, an International Technology Leaders’ Network hosted a successful AI-themed Summer Drinks Reception on Thursday, July 4th, 2024, at Shoosmiths on 1 Bow Churchyard, London EC4M 9DQ.


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The event, which kicked off at 6:00 pm, brought together Artificial Intelligence industry leaders, researchers, and enthusiasts to discuss advancements in Artificial Intelligence and its impact on various fields. Guests enjoyed a vibrant atmosphere on the spectacular Roof Terrace while engaging in stimulating Ai conversations and networking opportunities.

A highlight of the evening was a captivating panel discussion featuring distinguished guests:

Orlando Machado, Chief Data Officer, The LEGO Group
Dr. Robin Tuluie, Founder and Co-CEO, PhysicsX
Maryam Fayaz-Torshizi, CEO, DeepSearch Labs
Ronald Clark, Perceptual Intelligence and Extended Reality Lab, University of Oxford

The esteemed panellists delved into thought-provoking discussions surrounding Artificial Intelligence’s current state and future potential. Their insights sparked engaging dialogue amongst the audience, fostering a dynamic environment for knowledge exchange and exploration.

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Some of the quotes/insights:

“Data is the fuel of Artificial Intelligence”

“More accurate is the data better will be the results of Ai model”

“Data collected from the open sources may invite issues ranging from inaccuracy to legal”

“Chat GPT model as of now is bleeding the money … revenue around 3 Billion dollar and for breakeven cost may be in 100s of Billions”

The Codex Summer Drinks Reception served as a platform for celebrating the transformative power of AI while fostering connections within the London tech scene.

Codex also organised this year World’s Top 50 Innovators Conference at Chicago Business Booth School