Mallard House Fire Risk: Is Rendall & Rittner Turning a Blind Eye?

Mallard House building at Station Court in SW6 London is CLOSED from 3 sides, so the Fire Brigade CAN’T reach the rear side Flats in case of any fire or rescue.

It DOESN’T have a separate fire escape door instead only one front door for both entry and exit.
That means if there is a fire at the staircase, ground floor, or lower floor, there is no escape for the residents on the upper floors.

However, Mallard House has a roof door that can be used as a Fire Escape in an emergency.

But Rendall and Rittner don’t want to open the roof door & also don’t want to give keys of the roof door to Mallard House residents.

Rendall and Rittner provided 2 statements for not opening the roof doors and both turned out to be false & after that since Oct 2020, Rendall and Rittner team has gone silent on why they don’t open roof door or give keys of roof door to the Mallard House residents.

The R&R team stated the reason for not opening roof door that “the hatch takes you up to the unsafe rooftop area, with no bannisters/boundaries by the edge of the property”.

But RR statement turns out to be incorrect as there is adequate fencing to the rear and to the front of a wall on the roof of Mallard House. Once on the roof, you then have access to the other three residential blocks without the need to climb walls or dropdowns, it is completely flat and one can easily escape in case of fire emergency.

Mallard House residents are looking for a solution but R&R never communicated back on why they provided 2 false statements for not opening the roof door, why they don’t open the roof door or why they don’t give the keys to residents.

It is not only the question at Mallard House, instead around 5000 residents in the UK signed a petition against Rendall and Rittner who are unhappy with R&R servies.

This issue could have been easily resolved if they (R&R) Rendall and Rittner provided roof door keys to the Mallard House residents or opened the roof door but apparently, R&R Rendall and Rittner appear to have turned a blind eye towards fire risk at Mallard House SW6 London.

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