Training For Journalists

Video Training for Journalism: shooting and editing footage (All face to face training are halted at the moment)


Update: (To be announced)
1 Day course,
10:00 – 16:30 either day with a one-hour lunch break


To be announced


Often journalists are being asked to shoot video footage to accompany reports.

The course looks at basic video camera technology, how to capture general footage and record interviews. You will edit your footage, adding sound and voiceovers.

The course includes a comprehensive introduction to using Windows Movie Maker with the emphasis on capturing footage and preparing video for broadcast or the web. No previous video shooting or editing experience is required.

Platform: PC

Learning Level: This course is suitable for beginners

Equipment: Ideally you shall bring your laptop and own recording equipment (although not must).

Planning a shoot & Preparing for a shoot
– A shortlist of things to take
– Release forms and when you need to use them

Different types of shot
• Anticipating problems
• Tripods and camera shake

Establishing a shot
• Creating a context
• Working with natural light
• Tips for capturing movement

Preparing to shoot an interview on location
• Planning an interview

Shooting interviews on location
• Creating a context shot or background for the interview
• Lighting natural versus artificial lighting

Capturing audio
• Different noise considerations when using an on-camera mic or external mic
• Working with background noise

Introduction to editing digital video
• Transferring your footage from the camera to the desktop

Reviewing your footage and making editing decisions
• Creating a piece with a start, middle, and end

Editing your footage in Windows Movie Maker
• Editing in the Timeline
• Inserting clips
• Deleting clips and gaps
• Editing for impact
• Adding video transitions

Incorporating still images
• Adding logos, maps, diagrams and other items
• Incorporating still images

Working with titles
• Adding titles

Finishing your project
• Preparing video for broadcast
• Preparing your video for the web


For Journalists & Our Journalist News Network members:£99 only & for non-journalists/non-members: £199