AI revolutionizing the real estate business

AI revolutionizing the real estate business Real estate firms are now turning to advanced technology like artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze leases, value properties, communicate with tenants and manage properties more efficiently. In a recent gathering of property professionals in New York, many reported using generative AI, a sophisticated form of AI that creates content … Read more

UK Govt AI Regulation White Paper

Summary: The UK government is allocating over £100 million to support regulators and advance AI research and innovation, focusing on sectors like healthcare and chemical discovery. Regulators, including Ofcom and the Competition and Markets Authority, are required to publish plans by the end of April addressing AI risks and opportunities. Types of AI Artificial Intelligence … Read more

What are the different types of AI?

There are many types of Artificial Intelligence (AIs), each with its own skills. For example: Machine learning is like a detective, scanning through Billions of of data (pictures, numbers, text) to find hidden patterns. By analyzing the pattern it makes predictions, like whether an email is spam or what kind of product you might like … Read more

Can AI replace human jobs?

Yes, AI has already replaced certain human jobs and has the potential to replace many more. Self-Checkout Machines in Grocery Stores: When you go to a grocery store in London whether Tesco or Sainsbury or any other, you must have seen self-checkout machines. These machines use AI to scan and process your items, allowing you … Read more