AI Helping Not-For-Profit Services :CIPTEX London Event

London 24th May 2024: CIPTEX London Event; AI Helping Not-For-Profit Services

CIPTEX AI event London
CIPTEX AI event London

This half-day event in Central London by CIPTEX shared valuable info on how to transform customer care and stay at the forefront of cutting-edge solutions.

Following are some of the quotes out of many.

“70 percent of digital transformation do not work as per the plan…”

” Constant improvement is needed with the help of feedback and data”

“Business has to start with the need…then tech used to help accelerate the growth…”

CIPTEX AI event London
CIPTEX AI event London


Ciptex provides contact centre solutions that enable organizations to engage their customers seamlessly across all touchpoints, ensuring they feel valued and understood.

With expertise in both technology and business, they design customer experiences that are enjoyable for both customers and staff.

This leads to improved efficiency, higher customer satisfaction, and increased business returns. Although based in Manchester, UK, Ciptex delivers projects globally. For more info on CIPTEX

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