Thousands sign petition against Rendall & Rittner

Thousands of Leaseholders are unhappy with property management company Rendall and Rittner for Fire Safety Failures and Unfair Service Charges in the UK.

Nearly 5000 sign petition against Rendall and Rittner
Nearly 5000 sign petition against Rendall and Rittner

Petition against property managing agent Rendall and Rittner (which also manages Imperial Wharf development in SW6 London by St George developers) is reaching nearly 5000.

4,945 residents across 200 developments in the UK allege a catalogue of failures, including:

Serious Fire Safety Concerns: Delays, inaction, and inadequate communication regarding fire safety measures in their buildings. This comes amidst heightened anxieties following the Grenfell Tower tragedy.

Inflated Building Safety Act Costs: Residents suspect inflated budgets for work required under the Building Safety Act, raising concerns about profiteering.

Unreasonable Service Charges: Residents report a significant rise in service charges with little to no improvement in the quality of maintenance or overall living conditions. Some developments even mention a state of disrepair.

Lack of Transparency and Communication: Difficulty obtaining invoices, receipts, and justifications for service charges. Residents also claim unanswered complaints and a general lack of communication from Rendall and Rittner.

This follows an open letter sent to the company in July 2020 outlining these issues, which according to the residents, went unanswered. Now, a growing number of residents are demanding immediate action, including:

Addressing fire safety concerns and ensuring the safety of their buildings.
Reducing and justifying service charges, making them comparable to other developments.
Increased transparency in accounting practices and improved communication.
Lowering management fees until trust is rebuilt.

Taking responsibility for past failures and compensating residents who have been negatively impacted. The residents have united under the slogan “Enough is Enough!” and are urging Rendall and Rittner to take swift action to rectify the situation.

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