British MP Douglas Carswell Interview on EU

British MP (ex-MP now) shared his thoughts on the EU and Democracy

Do you think the EU system as a whole is generally democratic in itself No it’s not.

The EU is emphatically about suppressing democracy & this is not just an opinion. Look at the three EU institutions.

The European Commission is unelected And they are the only people who can propose laws The European Council of In which we have a 12% share of the votes Frequently out votes us Qualified majority voting means that basically those we elect no longer really make the decisions but a group of people that aren’t answerable to us make those decisions and we be now voted repeatedly Yes there’s the European Parliament but the European Parliament is not an effective democratic institution It’s very effective at helping itself to tax pay money and tax free subsidies It’s not a very good institution at holding to account the European institutions And again you can look at this factually In 2010 to 2014 there were about 1,900 votes in the European Parliament On about 800 occasions the majority of British MEPs those we elected in this country were against the motion In 84% of times it went ahead anyway That’s not democracy

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Is the EU accountable to the British citizens?

Do you think that EU Parliament or EU system is accountable to British citizens No it’s not It’s not accountable to British citizens And this is why I think the political elite love it because it means that they can make public policy without reference to the public And it’s why the public hates it If we are going to be a true democracy then I think we need to leave it.

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Will Increased Immigration Lead to Higher House Prices and Strain Public Services in the UK?

Do you think if immigration increases in the UK house prices are already going through the roof there will be more pressure on our public housing and our NHS Undoubtedly migration has put pressure on public services and on housing But let’s also be clear there is also pressure on house prices because of the failure of successive generations of British politicians to allow enough houses to be built You’ve got to be a little bit careful at looking at this in one-dimensional terms But without question increased levels of migration let me put it this way over a four-year period in the last parliament two and a half million EU nationals came into the country We only discovered this three weeks ago because the government took a long time to fess up to the statistics But that’s the equivalent of 19 cities the size of Cambridge Now I think you’ve got to be very careful If you have that sort of uncontrolled pressure on public services and housing it’s going to have unintended consequences If we could control migration we’d be able to plan and make sure we could provide And that’s I think a sensible thing for a sensible country to want to do