Brexit: Public opinion divided over the EU referendum

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Lord Bilimoria

June the 23rd 2016 the date of EU referendum in the UK is coming near. It is perhaps the most important day in the modern history of the UK where citizens have
to decide whether to stay in the EU or not!

We at Journalism News Network decided to meet public to know what they think about EU referendum and we find some people very passionate and others not very sure.

Largely the UK citizens seem divided over the issue of Brexit.

Those who wants to stay in leave largely believe the following:
(1) We may lose trade benefits if we leave
(2) David Cameron has won a good deal from the EU by blocking benefits for the EU migrants up to 4 years
(3) We should help EU migrants
(4) Migrants are helping country grows

Those who wants to leave seems to leave the EU believe:
(1) House price very high because of large number of migration
(2) Because of large-scale immigration, there is lots of pressure on the NHS, A&E
(3) There is hardly space left in schools for the locals
(4) The government is doing more the migrants instead of poor homeless citizens.

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(5)Shortage of houses because of large migration.

Tell us what you think, whether voting to leave or stay in?

Brexit EU Referendum documentary by Subodh Gupta