Is J B Leitch worst rated solicitor firm in the UK?

JB Leitch reviews 1.2 trustpilot
J B Leitch reviews 1.2 trustpilot

In a rating evaluation on Trustpilot, J B Leitch, a solicitor firm in the UK, has garnered a rating of 1.2 out of 5, signalling dissatisfaction among customers. The data reveals that a substantial 98 percent of those who rated J B Leitch on the Trust pilot disapprove of the services provided by this solicitor firm.

Trustpilot, a widely recognized customer review platform, serves as a transparent space for individuals to share their experiences and opinions regarding various businesses. The overwhelmingly negative feedback for JB Leitch highlights potential concerns within the firm’s customer service and legal assistance.

While it’s essential to consider individual experiences may vary, the collective sentiment expressed on Trustpilot raises questions about the overall satisfaction and reliability of J B Leitch as a solicitor firm.

Property management firm Rendall and Rittner which manages properties of (St George) Berkeley group UK appears to have appointed J B Leitch. Residents of the Mallard House in SW6, London also felt that J B Leitch trying to harass them while their service charge dispute is pending with Rendall and Rittner.

Is J B leitch harassing British residents and lack empathy

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