Is Rendall & Rittner mismanaging Imperial Wharf (St George)

Residents at Imperial Wharf, SW6 London, owned by (St George) Berkeley Group UK, express dissatisfaction with property management firm Rendall & Rittner.

Complaints highlight a perceived neglect of cleanliness and a lax approach to enforcing basic rules. The community alleges a lack of responsiveness to their concerns, raising questions about the efficacy of Rendall & Rittner’s management or what can be called mismanagement.


Is Rendall & Rittner (R&R) Mismanaging St George (Berkeley Groups) properties development? #housingassociation #stgeorge #berkeley #imperialwharf #managingagent Rendall&rittner #mallardhouse #a2d #a2dominionhousinggroup

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Issues range from unaddressed service charge disputes at Mallard House, SW6 to inadequate upkeep of communal areas. Residents voice frustration over what appears to be a disregard for the standards expected in this upscale development.

(1) R&R Service charge dispute with Mallard house residents. R&R hasn’t made any effort to resolve the Scharge for the last 6 years.

(2) Dog shit/peeing at many places

(3) Dogs wandering around without leashes and the R&R team won’t bother to check.

(4) Dogs shouldn’t be allowed inside apartments (unless guide dogs) but R&R doesn’t seem to care about it.

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St George Berkeley Group is urged to investigate and address these grievances promptly to uphold the reputation of Imperial Wharf. The community hopes for swift resolution and improved communication to foster a more positive living experience.

Is R&R Rendall and Rittner harassing Mallard House residents?