Is JB Leitch Solicitors harassing tenants

Is JB Leitch harassing tenants or leaseholders by sending overly aggressive and threatening letters filled with false statements?

Solicitors in the UK should not be making allegations without legal merit i.e. solicitors bringing claims having made insufficient enquiries of…the following case suggests that J B Leitch Solicitor do that…

J B leitch solicitors threatening letter
J B leitch solicitors threatening letter

J B Leitch made a false claim in this letter stating that “the resident in question failed to pay the service charge??? which was incorrect as (1) First there was a Dispute over the Service charges as the managing agent Rendall and Rittner appears to made criminal offence by not supplying service charge information as requested by the residents over the last 5 years.

(2) 2nd Several yearly payments were paid over the 5 years to the managing agent in good faith hoping they would resolve the Scharge dispute in addition a monthly standing order was already set up …

J B Leitch made another false statement that “resident in question in breach of my lease” which turns out to be false again, how come a resident is in breach of lease for withholding payment to buildings other than where one lives and still making regular payment of service charge by standing order???

Unfortunately, J B Leitch Solicior didn’t stop at this point and kept sending further emails with false statements ….

If you come across Solicitors who are harassing you, you can report them to the SRA on the following link.

No wonder J B Leitch Solicitors in the UK appear to have one of the worst ratings and reviews on different review sites.

J B leitch Google reviews
J B leitch Google reviews

Just have a glance on a Google search about the Solicitor firm, google reviews rating shows 2 out of 5.

There are 153 Google reviews about this Solicitor firm but the question arises is that can a firm have only 40 percent approval rating if it is providing decent service to its customers?

Rendall and Rittner property managing agent reviews

Now the reviews are bad for this solicitor firm not only on Google but also on Trust pilot. On Trust pilot it is rated again 1.2 out of 5 and 98 percent British customers disapprove of this solicitor firm.

JB Leitch reviews 1.2 trustpilot
JB Leitch reviews 1.2 trustpilot

What is worst is that this firm is also rated only 1 out of 5 on the solicitor reviews site

Is R & R (Rendall and Rittner) harassing customers

JB Leitch solicitor reviews
JB Leitch solicitor reviews

This makes me wonder if JB Leitch is the worst rating solicitor firm in the UK? Published in public Interest.

The UK residents may submit their reviews about JB Leitch solicitors.

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