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It is unfortunate that as a Mallard House resident despite waiting for more than 4 months I have yet to receive response from Rendall and Rittner on the following Fire safety issues.

Date: Tue, 13 Oct 2020 13:18:26
Hello Michael,

Mallard House association is looking for a solution because, in a perfect world, 80 people wouldn’t have died in the Greenfall tragedy and I am sure regulations was there in place.

Your following statements are incorrect and please help me understand why you made incorrect statements?

(1)Your fire safety regulation suggestion “The travel distance from any part of the flat to the protected staircase should be limited to 9m in line with the building regs.” is incorrect.
There are many flats in Mhouse where many parts of the flat to the protected staircase is more than even 10 meters or even 12 meters.

(2) You have mentioned, “the hatch takes you up to the unsafe rooftop area, with no banisters/boundaries by the edge of the property”.
Again your statement is incorrect because Mhouse roof has a parapet wall almost 1.4 meters high.

I would appreciate your views on the above incorrect statements, please.

(3)Please help us understand, which fire safety regulation states that the roof can’t be used for fire escape if the staircase is blocked with the fire and it is three sides closed.

(4) Please help us understand if there is a fire on the staircase on the lower floor how the upper floor MH residents can be rescued considering your statement
that roof can’t be used for escape and the rear side of the building can’t be accessed by the fire brigade.

No response as of now 11th February from Rendall and Rittner.


Background of above email complaint:
Sent: 09 October 2020 16:31

Fire Safety:
Michael don’t you think: Stay put policy or Leave policy or Assembly
point will only matter when one is able to escape the building in the
first place?

I repeat again, our building is CLOSED from 3 sides. It DOESN’T have a
fire escape door. Fire Brigade CAN’T reach backside Flats. The roof door can be open in addition to existing fire safety measures.

(a) Please make me understand or your fire safety expert shall explain
– Why our roof door should be closed?
(b) When other buildings in Imperial Wharf can have a rooftop garden,
why Mallard House can’t have the roof open for its residents?
(c) Does open roof door increases fire risk or any other risk and if
yes, how?

I would appreciate clear answers to the above queries, please.

Kind regards