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Eureka Forbes AquaSure Water Purifier Reviews
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 by Subodh Gupta
Eureka Forbes Aquasure Water Purifier

Not only worst product as 1.Assembling the product is very tedious.

2.Water flooded kitchen and risk of family member slipping. 3 Filter may not work if floater is bit tight. 4.I bought from retail outlet instead of Amazon, Aquasure company executive Vaibhav from Bareilly Sales team not only lied to me that they don't sell on amazon but also refused to refund.5 Eureka Forbes customer service head Ms Vinath Hedge didn't bother to reply or resolve the issue.

Total waste of my time and money.

Eureka Forbes AquaSure Water Purifier Worst Product and Misleading Sales Team Reviews

Eureka Forbes AquaSure Water Purifier Worst Product Reviews
Eureka Forbes AquaSure Water Purifier Worst Product Reviews

I bought Eureka Forbes water purifier/filter 15 liters non electric Rs 1700 from Bareilly Gala Agencies on 17th Nov 2020, despite reading numerous negative reviews assuming Eureka Forbes is a well known brand from decades.

I am totally dissatisfied and unhappy with the product (as there were issue with leakage and filtering the water) wanted to return same day but Eureka Forbes company agent Shivam said they will not return although they offer to repair the product but that doesn’t serve the purpose, I will explain this point later.

Next day I talked to Eureka Bareilly Head Vaibhav and he refused the refund and gave 3 misleading statements.

If I had bought this product from Amazon I could easily get refund in one week if product faulty and customer not satisfied but Eureka Forbes Bareilly sales head lied and refused.

Vaibhav first lied, Eureka Forbes don’t offer refund because they don’t sell on Amazon. When I corrected him Eureka Forbes W Purifier do sell on Amazon, than he again lied stating that Euroka Forbes don’t have store on Amazon and when I corrected him again he said after selling product its customer responsibility and not Eureka Forbes???

This product need regular cleaning (every 15th Day as explained in the demo on YouTube) and during cleaning if filter is extra tighten, the water filter will not work (as suggested by sales agent when he came to repair that explaining why my water was not filtering the first time) but what is the benchmark of tightening the filter/floater??? and Bareilly head Vaibhav said it is customer problem???

Gum on EurekaForbes Water Purifier
Gum on EurekaForbes Water Purifier

Besides carbon in filter also have gum pasted on it which sales agent said it is fine but I don’t understand how water will be clean when touching with the gum every time water is purified???

Is Gum is non reactive to water ???

I contacted the Eureka Forbes Customer service team on the 19th Nov for the refund and they replied promptly and promised to resolve the issue asap but as of 27th Nov no further reply and refund. For me it was total waste of time, waste of money Rs 1700 as I am no more using the purifier with gum on the carbon. All I wanted was refund same day but Eureka Forbes seem to have only one concern which is to have customer money even if customer unhappy while selling faulty products.

In this regard I have also send the complaint to Eureka Forbes Customer service head Ms Vinath Hegde twice and also explained that Bareilly sales Head lied bit no action. Will such a company can survive in 2020 with such pathetic customer service and products? I doubt.

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