Facebook close down Free Basics in India

Summary: Facebook “Free Basics” a controversial service that was aimed to offer access to basic web services in India to underprivileged users for free has now been closed down.   Facebook has a monthly active user base of 138 million in India and closing down Free Basics project is certainly a setback for company’s efforts … Read more

Shoot Video, Upload, Get paid -Jon Cornwell, CEO, Newsflare

Jon Cornwell, CEO, Newsflare (a former management consultant) is helping thousands of freelance journalist to earn their living while enjoying their freelance lifestyle. Jon co-founded Newsflare in April 2011 with a very simplified process where freelance journalist shoots the videos and upload them at Newsflare. Newsflare sells them to News organizations and as they are … Read more

Momentum is everything -John Hugh advice to journalists

John D Hugh, a former journalist and a co-founder of Verifeye Media, advised journalist and news/media entrepreneurs the secret to success at London Hacks/Hackers Connect event (supported by the Google News Lab). He said, “Momentum is everything and keep moving”, “begin, analyze, adapt/change and again keep moving”. John correlates this business advice with his personal … Read more

TRAI Slams Facebook over its Free basics plan

India’s telecom regulator has criticised Facebook over its letter writing campaign tactics to support Free Basics internet plan in India. Free Basics plan lets people access Facebook and some other websites without any charge. According to the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), the Facebook method of prompting people to support the plan was “crudely majoritarian … Read more

Social network Friends Reunited to close down

Friends Reunited, one of the original social networking sites, is to close as one of the founding member Steve Pankhurst, said it is still used by some but is “no longer used for the purpose it was built for”. The site helped countless adults renew friendships and even rekindle old relationships long before Facebook arrived … Read more

Top 7 Tweets of UK general election

08th MAY 2015. A round-up of the best & funny tweets and random observations on the UK general election 2015 as David Cameron prepares for a second term as PM. During this election Conservatives and the SNP party crush Labour and Liberal Democrats & shadow chancellor Ed Balls loses his seat in Parliament. Interestingly SNP winning … Read more

Twitter Quick Promote is it any good?

Quick promote is a Twitter feature which makes it incredibly easy to promote tweet on Twitter with very few clicks. Just experimented a Twitter Quick Promote for one of the tweet (estimated 50 engagements were promised) and got the results in the twitter dashboard as 40 engagements and your promotion is complete.         … Read more