Facebook close down Free Basics in India

Summary: Facebook “Free Basics” a controversial service that was aimed to offer access to basic web services in India to underprivileged users for free has now been closed down.

Facebook Free basic plan criticised by TRAI
Facebook Free basic plan criticised by TRAI


Facebook has a monthly active user base of 138 million in India and closing down Free Basics project is certainly a setback for company’s efforts to capture Indian market.

Earlier, India’s telecom regulator has criticised Facebook over its letter writing campaign tactics to support Free Basics internet plan in India. Facebook released a statement that “Free Basics is no longer available to people in India.”

According to the Facebook, the Free Basics service was designed to connect the unconnected poor masses, however, critics say it provides only selected websites or apps, thus violating the concept of net neutrality.

Although Facebook Free Basics service is being close down in India, however, this project continues to operate in around 30 countries across the world.

Savetheinternet- a volunteer-led group that mobilised over one million responses supporting net neutrality also welcomed the move.