Will George Clooney shelter refugees in his mansion as he support unlimited refugees in EU

George Clooney met Dr.Angela Merkel and he backed her policy to invite unlimited refugees in Germany and Europe while promoting his new film in Berlin.

Clooney and his human-rights lawyer wife, Amal, discussed the ongoing crisis in the Middle East and later Clooney told reporters: “I absolutely agree with her”.

Both Dr. Merkel and Mr. Clooney seem to have the honorable intention to help people in need and that is how it should be. However, people in Germany and elsewhere in Europe are feeling uncomfortable with the rise in crime especially against women and unfortunately, neither Mr. Clooney nor Dr. Merkel said anything about that.

A true leader should lead masses by setting an example and not by preaching.

Unfortunately, Dr. Merkel the biggest advocate of refugees refused to take single refugees in her own mansion and, in fact, she returned the whole bus of refugees back to Bavarian state when the state politician send a bus full of Refugees to Dr. Merkel as they were not able to handle the inflow of migrants.

Now Mr. George Clonney who was in Germany to promote his new film is supporting Dr. Merkel policy to take unlimited refugees in Europe, so the question is:

Will Mr Clooney shelter some of the refugees in his own mansion to set an example?

If Dr. Merkel and Mr. Clooney only preach others to take more refugees but refused to take any in their own home, then, this seems more of hypocrisy and photo opportunity for the film promotion for Mr. Clooney and support strategy for Dr. Merkel instead of real concern for the masses both who are European citizens and those who flee the war.