Momentum is everything -John Hugh advice to journalists

John D Hugh, a former journalist and a co-founder of Verifeye Media, advised journalist and news/media entrepreneurs the secret to success at London Hacks/Hackers Connect event (supported by the Google News Lab).

John D Hugh co-founder of Verifeye Media
John D Hugh co-founder of Verifeye Media

He said, “Momentum is everything and keep moving”, “begin, analyze, adapt/change and again keep moving”.

John correlates this business advice with his personal life experience 18 years ago when he was shot in Afganistan while working as a journalist.

John said, “I was shot while covering a story and I was badly injured and many members of my team died and there was continuous firing and I realize the only way to survive is to keep moving despite severe pain and injury”.

He added “the same model I share with my fellow journalist who wants to enter in the media business and that is to keep moving, analyse, change as needed and again keep moving because momentum is everything”.

Verifeye Media is a technology-driven visual news agency for the smartphone age.

Hacks/Hackers Connect is a event for journalist and media entrepreneurs to bring them together with the tech world.

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