London Hacks Hackers Connect Summit 2016 takeaways

London Hacks Hackers Connect Journalist Summit 2016 @HacksHackersLDN takeaways

London Hacks Hackers Connect Journalist Summit 2016 hosted by  Hacks/Hackers London @HacksHackersLDN  with support from Google News lab took place at Rainmaking Loft in London from 5th Feb 2016 till 7th Feb 2016.

HacksHackers Connect Event in London Feb 5, 2016 -Networking
HacksHackers Connect Event in London Feb 5, 2016 -Networking

Eminent Journalists such as Joanna G from Twitter news; Sarah M, from Wall Street Journal; Cassie W. from Quarts; Federica C. from Newspaper world; Peter M, founder of a software company and Jeremy W. from Blipper organized the summit and attended by more than 100+ journalists.

Many journalists came all the way from Italy just to attend this summit.

The summit focused on helping and bringing journalists and technologists together to seed new media ventures.


Following are the important takeaways from the summit:

(1) Isa Sonnenfeld from Google News lab emphasized on Innovation and how Google Cardbox and VR  coverage can help the journalist to improve their coverage.

(2) Sarah Drinkwater (@sarahdrinkwater), head of Google campus London shared her experience on how to build successful Community and that “people wants to connect”  it is important to have “more physical event for connection” and  “use stories to communicate ideas“.

(3) Turi Munthe, founder of Demotix explained the big potential in the middle east area where there is big demand but less Arabic content available. He also added, “Media is business and that’s the reality”.

(4) John Spindler, “VC will only invest if scalability is there”  and “the vast majority of companies such as consultancy companies are no good for investment“, “start with the problem and not with the idea”.

(5)John D Hugh, co-founder of Verifeye Media,  “Momentum is everything and keep moving“, “begin, analyze, adapt/change and again keep moving“.

(6)Jon Cornwell, CEO, Newsflare whose news platform has around 20,000 registered users with more than 1$ million revenue, “need to have proper guidelines, process and importance of company insurance in place when distributing content“.

Hack Hackers Connect London Team
Hack Hackers Connect London Team

(7) Hacks/Hackers Connect London Team @HacksHackersLDN, “help, serve and keep on serving …… till you drop and still keep smiling all the time”. Instead of saying this Hack/Hacker team actually demonstrated this by organizing a perfect well planned major event over the three days and that too absolutely free for the journalist community.”   

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