London Social Media Summit 2014 smsldn takeaway

Take away from London Social media Summit 2014 #smsldn

London Social Media Summit 2014 #smsldn hosted by BBC College of Journalism & the New York Times took place at BBC radio theater London on 16th May 2014 between 9.30 am to 16.30 pm

Eminent Journalists such as Laura Oliver Guardian, Joanna Geary Twitter UK, Esra Dogramaci BBC, Vivian Schiller, Twitter, James Harding, BBC, Ramaa Sharma, BBC World Service Group, Matt Peacock, Vodafone attended the summit.

The summit focused on key issues and challenges facing journalists and news organisations using social media such as:

  • How to make highly shareable, highly clickable content (the right way)
  • Mobile in social: How each is influencing the other
  • Global innovation: Social media in world news
BBC Social Media Summit #SMSLDN 2014
BBC Social Media Summit #SMSLDN 2014


Following are the important takeaways from the summits:

(1)Laura Oliver from Guardian explained on making the timeless piece for search engines which gets the views year after year.

(2)Luke Lewis from BuzzFeed UK emphasized on experimenting with highly clickable content till it works.

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(3)James Montgomery from BBC explained the new BBC approach of BBC trending concept & 15 seconds videos and BBC making Twitter ready videos.

(4)Andy Carvin explained how interacting with Twitter followers helped him in certain stories.

(5)Michal Broniatowski from Espresso TV humbly explained their story to success from the Ukraine Crises and how user-generated content from smartphones helped Espresso TV to cover live story which was not possible otherwise and challenges in covering in Ukraine at freezing temperature.

BBC Social Media Summit #SMSLDN 2014 2nd
BBC Social Media Summit #SMSLDN 2014 2nd

(6)Vivian Schiller and Joanna Geary from Twitter UK explained about how Twitter can help journalist and certain apps such as TweetDeck, PicPedant which
can help certify the authenticity of photographs on Twitter

BBC Social Media Summit #SMSLDN 2014 Vivian Schiller and Joanna Geary twitter
BBC Social Media Summit #SMSLDN 2014 Vivian Schiller and Joanna Geary twitter

(7)Finally, Ramma Sharma BBC and Matt Peacock Vodafone emphasized the fact that Mobile is the internet & The Internet is Mobile with the advent of the smartphone.

  • Mobile traffic is more than the Desktop traffic so if a website is not optimized for Mobile, valuable customers are lost.
  • BBC Social Media Summit #SMSLDN 2014 4th
    BBC Social Media Summit #SMSLDN 2014 4th
  • BBC traffic from Mobile is simply increasing astronomically.
  • BBC Hausa is getting almost 96% users from Mobile and 3 out of every 4 audiences are between 20 to 30 years of age.
  • BBC Hausa cut down the length of the article to 300 to 400 words only and now wrote more stories around 25 daily increased from 10 per day.
  • Experimenting and Analytic is the key.
  • Matt Peacock from Vodafone shared his invaluable experience and explained from mobile operator angle that how the mobile video growth is exploding in countries such as India and how mobile operators are bound to follow the legislation in different countries.

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