Interview Kristina Rihanoff BBC Strictly Come Dancing

BBC strictly come dancing
BBC strictly come dancing

Interview Kristina Rihanoff BBC Strictly Come Dancing Star on staying healthy.

Kristina Rihanoff is a world-renowned professional ballroom dancer, instructor, choreographer, and author. She studied at St Petersburg Branch of Modern Humanitarian Academy and started taking dance lessons from aged 5.

She achieved 1st positioned in the South African International Latin Championship (2005–2006)and 2nd in the Open to the World, Mambo Championship (2003–2004).

Kristina Rihanoff
Kristina Rihanoff

Kristina performed with John Barrowman on the Strictly Come Dancing  Christmas Special, BBC1 

(Q)Please tell us about yourself and your hobbies.
I am a professional dancer and luckily my hobby is my job – dancing!

(Q) When did you get into dancing?
I started when I was 6 years old with Ballet, but it wasn’t really my style of dancing so I went to Ballroom school and I instantly fell in love. I started competing from 7 years old and I loved the different styles of Ballroom. I later went on to teach and also perform in Dancing with the Stars, and, of course, Strictly.

(Q) Your daily training while preparing for Strictly Come Dancing.
Usually, I dance from 5-7 hours per day, depending on your celebrity’s diary and other commitments. Learning to dance is very time-consuming, especially if you get a celeb who isn’t a natural dancer. 12 hours per week is the minimum required, but, of course, more is great.

(Q)How do you motivate yourself when you feel down?
For me, it’s about not being a negative person as if you are then I don’t think you will make it very far in life. Although, sometimes chocolate can help! And a cup of tea can solve a lot of problems!

(Q) Your diet. (what you eat for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, etc.)
I try to have quite a balanced diet. Usually, in the morning, I have my carb meal for rehearsals – brown toast with eggs or cereal with a banana and yoghurt. For lunch I have fish for my protein with salad and for dinner sometimes pasta or chicken.

I do try to eat a lot of greens and fruit and I don’t eat anything deep fried as it makes me feel too heavy. I try to be reasonable with my diet.

Rihanoff competed as a professional dancer in the sixth series of BBC Strictly Come Dancing in 2008 when she was partnered up with political broadcaster John Sergeant, however, on 19 November 2008, Sergeant withdraws from the series, leaving them in seventh place.

(Q)What are the three most important tips for staying healthy?
– Lots of sleep, at least, 8 hours for your body to recover from the previous day and prepare for the day ahead.
– A well-balanced diet. Don’t skip meals as this is one of the worst things you can do for your metabolism. Have three meals per day with healthy snacks, as this is your fuel. Your body is like a little machine, what you put in you get back.
– Positive energy. Try to protect yourself from any negativity, keep your mind on your goal.

(Q)What is the secret of your incredible figure?

Well, that’s a lovely compliment. I think it’s dancing; it’s when I feel the best and the most healthy. It’s a great cardio workout and is fun at the same time, so your mind isn’t thinking I can’t run anymore. The beautiful music and social aspect help. Yoga works well for me also.

Thank you very much, Kristina, for your time 🙂

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Rihanoff returned to compete for the show’s seventh series in 2009, partnering with professional boxer Joe Calzaghe and in 2010, she was partnered up with musician and DJ Goldie.