Hilaria Baldwin yoga pose on train track irresponsible

Aim of the Hatha Yoga system is to bring balance at the level of body and mind and to prepare body to achieve higher stage in meditation however it seems Hilaria Baldwin, wife of Alec Bladwin is determined to make it more of a dangerous mockery.

Hilaria Baldwin yoga pose dangerous
Hilaria Baldwin yoga pose dangerous

Hilaria Baldwin posted this following picture on Instagram writing: ‘My intention is to promote health and encourage you to care for your body.

But point is how come doing dangerous headstand yoga posture on the railway track help people in promoting health?

This kind of photograph is completely irresponsible if at performed by any yoga trainer. There are three main risk involved here with that yoga pose.

(1)First many people try to copy if any famous person try to do any act and what if any other person get hurt on railways track with stones or train around as any imbalance can be fatal for a practitioners.

(2)Hatha yoga is not acrobatic and the picture somehow suggest otherwise and infact may discourage some people who otherwise may think of adopting healthy yoga system.

(3)Yoga pose Headstand in itself is very risky yoga pose (as it can lead to eye and neck related injuries) and all yoga posture need to be performed with adequate safety precautions.

It is unfortunate that Hilaria Baldwin is posting this kind of irresponsible and dangerous photographs which could be dangerous to so many people and may result in fatality.

Issued in public interest by yoga trainer and holistic health consultant Subodh Gupta.