Building Digital Audiences – Workshop by Pro Connect Herts

Hertfordshire ProConnect organized a workshop on building digital audiences on the 7th Feb 2019 at Elstree Studios, Hertfordshire, WD6 1JG. The digital audiences strategy workshop was quite informative and was conducted by Peter Cowley, CEO Spirit Media. Proconnect-workshop-coverage-by-@Jnewsnetwork Proconnect-workshop-coverage-by-@Jnewsnetwork

Following are the highlights of the digital strategies workshop.

(1)While building a digital community, it is a good thing to focus on one niche and then build on that.

(2)Paul shared the business model of the company called Real Stories on Youtube, who bought all the old documentaries and build their audiences on YouTube and Facebook. Real stories build 2 million + audience on YouTube.

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(3)It is very important to understand your audience especially when you want to build your audience and also earn revenue.  For example, the younger audience are not on Twitter instead on Instagram and Snapchat.

(4)One of the top 10 children channel was sold for $135 Million.

(5)More niche more good for digital & more mainstream more good on TV. There are some companies such as Barcraft Media which are good on both TV as well as on Digital, although many mainstream media companies struggle to excel on digital.

Digital audience worldwide @Jnewsnetwork
Digital audience worldwide @Jnewsnetwork

(6)It is a good idea to build a digital community on Niche area and then community can help in sharing content. Next point to understand is why someone would share your content and for that, your content must connect on the emotional level.

(7) Social Media is about asking queries and not just sharing your news.

(8)For any post to excel in Facebook comments are more important than like and shares.

Although Facebook has tweaked their algorithem so your page post must not reach higher audiences unless you pay to Facebook.

However, if your post goes viral and say 100 people comment on it and than second time if you post your video on it it would certainly reach to at least 100 people.

(9)For Youtube video to excel, its engagement rate must be very high.

Biggest question which every business person should ask is why to build a digital audience and what if the rule of the games changes. For example, Facebook tweaked its algorithm and now the reach of your post on facebook is almost negligible unless you pay them. Likewise on Google search page the most click spots are reserved for Google PPC ads so obviously, the reach of organic SEO content has come down. Now although Youtube is quite stable but what if Youtube changed its rule and reduce your video reach to its audience???

(10)Well being content is highly sought after as many brand wants to advertise products focused on women.

(11)There are ways some people try to tweak Youtube algorithm but the idea should be to focused on developing good quality content.

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(12)Vidcon digital audience conference going to happen in London soon.

(13)The revenue which one can earn from YouTube quite low says around 1$ for 1000 views. The good money is only earned when corporate advertise or do product testing on your channel.

(14)Paul also shared some of the advice by famous authors such as below.

Digital audience workshop @Jnewsnetwork
Digital audience workshop @Jnewsnetwork

The workshop building digital audience by Proconnect Herts was quite informative.

The Hertfordshire ProConnect programme is aimed at sole traders and small creative businesses, based in the county, working in or aspiring to work in the film and TV sector.

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