AT & T server hosting sites which infringe copyrights, CEO Randall silent



Summary: AT &T U-verse server is hosting website which is infringing on copyrights owned by and and despite several requests to both and also AT &T abuse depart no action has been taken and email to CEO to Randall Stephenson met with silence.

Following is a case where a large organization such as AT & T is hosting spam website such as on its server which is openly infringing copyrights owned by other websites and despite repeated request and DMCA notice to AT & T abuse department and email to CEO Randall and media relations personal Fletcher Cook no action has been taken place.

The example of unauthorized and infringing copy (11 articles) can be found at AT &T server on the website at the following URL:

The list of all the infringing articles related to,, at :

The owner of the site, Mr. Hassan Sayed has been contacted repeatedly over the period of one month through his website contact us page form and personal email but with no results.

The original ARTICLE, to which we own the exclusive copyrights, can be found at sites:,  &  and also linked from copied articles at urls.

By not removing copyright material from spam websites which are infringing rights, AT & T is helping spam sites such as

The law requires the service provider, to remove or disable access to the infringing materials upon receiving DMCA notice. Will the CEO Randall Stephenson take action to remove infringing material from their server instead of keeping silent?

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