Squared Watermelon Announces ELITE’S Support for 21ST Century Icon Awards

(PRESS RELEASE) London 22nd MAY 2018. More than 850 companies from across 36 countries, from over 35 sectors make up the global ELITE community, with over 150 companies joining in 2018 to date.

ELITE companies are generating over €62billion in combined revenues and account for over 300,000 jobs across Europe and internationally. Demonstrates London Stock Exchange Group’s commitment to supporting the most ambitious firms to prepare for the next stage of growth. This initiative also confirms the commitment of Squared Watermelon Ltd, which assists clients internationally with Marketing, Business Development, Branding and PR to handhold, showcase and support the Next Generation globally through the 21st Century Icon Awards. The company is soon launching the 21st Century Global Forum which will have Chapters in several countries and financial brokerage to further support clients.

The 21st Century Icon Awards are Global, Unique and Distinctive. They Celebrate Success of the Next Generation and are the ultimate platform between successful individuals, their businesses, the Next Generation of inheritors and creators of wealth with entities and individuals most likely to connect and interact with them Squared Watermelon Ltd, which hosts the 21st Century Icon Awards, today announces that it will be supported by ELITE, London Stock Exchange Group’s business support and capital raising programme.

The 21st Century Icon Awards 2018 will include a new Award Category the ‘ELITE Rising Star Award’. The winner will be awarded a place on ELITE, London Stock Exchange Group’s business support and capital raising programme for fast growing private businesses that have shown genuine innovation in realising their goals. The winner of this Award will allow an undeniable rising star business to join the leading SME growth and fund raising platform in Europe.

For more info visit website www.21stcenturyiconawards.com

Tom Tyler, Global Head of Sales, ELITE:
“We congratulate the 21st Century Icon Awards on their success to date. These Awards are truly global and recognise the very best across award categories. We are delighted to be part of this exciting initiative. This will further reinforce ELITE’s ability to connect the fastest growing companies to international growth capital. ELITE has become a cross-border success story, opening up funding, jobs and growth for over 850 companies, reaping benefits for them and the countries in which they operate.”

For more info visit their website https://www.lseg.com/elite

Tarun Ghulati, Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer and Preeti Rana, Founder, Chief Creative Officer, Squared Watermelon Ltd
“We are absolutely thrilled and proud to have the support of ELITE. Through the ELITE programme, we will connect to dynamic entrepreneurs, helping them to keep on growing and compete on the world stage. Ambitious companies around the world can nominate themselves to avail of this fantastic opportunity. This will allow one of them to be recognised and enhance their ability to innovate, scale and grow. This support also bolsters our standing as the preeminent Champions of the Next Generation. As we continue to expand, we will remain ardent admirers and believers in the Next Generation of successful individuals.