Interview Flavia Cacace BBC Strictly Come Dancing Star

In an exclusive interview, Flavia Cacace  BBC Strictly Come Dancing Star shares her secrets to staying in top shape. Flavia presently resides in Surrey, England with her former Strictly Come Dancing partner, Jimi Mistry. UK Professional Ten Dance Champions 2002-2006 UK Professional Showdance Champions 2003-2006 Negracha club UK Argentine Tango Champions, 2006 IDO World Argentine … Read more

Supermodel Lisa Butcher on Health and Fitness

  Lisa Butcher: TV Presenter and Supermodel  Lisa was the former muse to the late, great royal photographer Norman Parkinson. Her first job saw her featured on the cover of Elle and she continued gracing magazine covers from Vogue to Tatler, Harpers Bazaar and Grazia as well as advertising campaigns for Ralph Lauren, Yves Saint Laurent, Lancaster and Max Factor.  She has presented Living … Read more

Indian business culture ebook kindle edition released

Summary: “Understanding Indian Culture and Bridging the communication gap” kindle edition on Amazon is released today by corporate trainer Subodh Gupta. This book offers illuminating insights into the Indian culture and society. It will help you to turn your India visit-whether on business or for pleasure-into a memorable and enriching experience. The working culture … Read more

Vodafone increase prices on “fixed” contract

Vodafone talk about clear pricing and being a responsible business. It says on its website: We’re committed to clear and straightforward pricing and marketing – so that customers always know what they’ll pay But Vodafone in the UK is doing exactly opposite to what they claim clear and straightforward. Vodafone UK is again increasing their … Read more

Goldman Sachs bullish on India but earns only 0.25 percent revenue

May 2013: Goldman Sachs remains quite bullish on India for years now started getting a reality check and finding it difficult to do business in the world’s second-fastest-growing economy. BRIC the acronym was coined by Goldman Sachs economist Jim O’Neill in a 2001 paper entitled “Building Better Global Economic BRICs”.  Goldman Sachs argues that the … Read more

Indian Business Culture: Negotiations in India

Think for a moment how many times you negotiate with somebody in one day or within a month in the UK or in any western country? I hardly remember needing to negotiate at anytime during the last 6 years of my stay in London, except while dealing with estate agents. Now guess how many times … Read more

Indian IT services market least profitable

Since last 10 years a lot has been written in the press around the world about the shining India, however, reality is that even now in 2014 Indian IT service market offer very limited opportunity for the western companies. If revenue figures of the top Indian IT companies are to be trusted then the reality … Read more

India heading towards serious food shortage

India will be facing food shortage in the coming years. It will become extremely difficult for India to sustain around 17% of world population (and still rising) on 2.4% of the world’s land area. Agricultural in India is not a profitable sector and peasants are either shifting their profession from being a farmer or committing suicide. … Read more