Megan Fox viral success on YouTube

Megan Fox a viral success on YouTube.

The gorgeous Megan Fox has managed to achieve an explosive viral success with a new Armani Jeans advert, with the YouTube video, over 2.2 million views since its release.

Armani structured its online advertising strategy for Miss Fox’s appearance by releasing a sneak peak of the Hollywood starlet in her delicate underwear barely covered by a white hotel robe. And the full viral campaign has shown off the aesthetic qualities of both their jeans and their sultry starlet.

The viral video shows a curious waiter taking his sweet time over preparing Megan’s meal, admiring her secretly via the angle of a well-placed mirror. The refinement of its online marketing strategy has led to more interesting angles being used in its adverts.

Megan Fox has gone from strength to strength from her break role in the Michael Bay blockbuster Transformers. With the face of Armani and YouTube viral success, Miss Fox confirms her solid status as one of the leading lights in Hollywood.