Shocking Sex harassment by asylum seekers in Helsinki at NYE

Unlike Cologne where hundreds of women were sexually assaulted by refugees and police were ineffective, Finnish police was ‘tipped off’ about plans by groups of asylum seekers to sexually harass women on New Year Eve.   Asylum seekers met in Helsinki to celebrate New Years’s Eve “had similar plans” to commit sexual assault targeting women … Read more

HSBC closing India private banking business

HSBC another foreign bank is shutting its private banking business in India, Asia’s third-largest economy. “After a strategic review of the global private banking operations in India, we have decided to close the business,” an HSBC Indian spokesman said. Many foreign wealth managers opened business in India thinking of fast economic growth, only to find … Read more

India business unpredictable: rain forced foreign companies to relocate

Doing business in India has always been unpredictable and challenging i.e. most Indian business are expending abroad. Perhaps Enron case was the best illustration about the frustration foreign businesses face in India. However foreign businesses including UKBIC are more adventures and bets big on India though many confused with the slow response of authorities and unpredictability in … Read more

Latest: Hostages situation in French town Roubaix

In a latest violence incident in the French town of Roubaix several people were wounded and hostages taken in a shootout between police and two robbers near Belgian border. It is strange that leftist political class still have their eyes and ears closed and don’t know how many more times similar incident going to happen before … Read more