EU at risk because of Migrants Crisis-Manuel Valls

Europe’s migration crisis is putting the EU at risk warns French Prime Minister Manuel Valls.

EU at risk because of Migrants Crisis-Manuel Valls
EU at risk because of Migrants Crisis-Manuel Valls

The tens of thousands of migrants who continue pouring into Europe threaten the idea of a unified continent, especially when it comes to the passport-free Schengen zone, he added.

Speaking to the BBC at Davos, Mr Valls said that if Europe is not capable of protecting its borders, the so-called “European project” or European Union, is in danger of disappearing. “External border controls are essential. EU members also need to be more active in weeding out economic migrants, who should be sent home,” said Valls.

More than one million migrants arrived in Germany alone in 2015 and many of them have fled conflict in the Middle East however along with them, many came from Asia and Africa for better economic benefits and opportunities which country such as Germany and Sweden offers to Asylum seekers.

However large scale migrants entry into Europe also got associated with mass sexual attack in Cologne Germany on NYE and Paris terrorist attack.

As a results Hungary has already built a fence on its border, Poland Beata Szydlo refused to accept migrants under EU plan, and Dr Merkel is facing growing pressure within her own country after welcoming  in more than million migrants last year.

In the UK representatives from various political parties have come together and a Cross party EU-exit campaign “Grassroots Out” is launched.

French Prime minister is not alone in warning about the dangers of uncontrolled migration which Dr Merkel initiated. German transport minister Alexander Dobrindt also criticised  Angela Merkel to prepare a plan B against the mass arrival of migrants.

Mr Valls also mentioned that France’s state of emergency, announced after terrorist attacks in Paris, would remain in place until the ISIS group is over.