Refugees sue German government for long asylum process

Refugees in Germany are suing Dr Merkel’s government, because of the long time taken to process their asylum applications.

More than 200 migrants in North Rhine-Westphalia have launched a lawsuit because they have been waiting over a year for a decision if they can stay in Germany.

Cologne station attack on NYE
Cologne station attacks NYE

Interior minister Thomas de Maiziere admitted the new restrictions, introduced in September, will remain for the foreseeable future. He said ‘I don’t foresee a moment when we can end it.’ German government plan to continue border checks on migrants after massive immigration.

Their cases being heard in several courts across the state – including Cologne which witnessed massive sex assault on the NYE.


German president Joachim Gauck said at Davos that it is ‘morally and politically necessary’ to limit Europe’s refugee influx. However, his statement is against the policy of Dr Merkel who refuses to say just how many people are enough, even as her popularity slips.

As of now there are more than 350,000 unprocessed applications in the German bureaucratic logjam.