Cross party EU-exit campaign “Grassroots Out” is launched

(Breaking News)A new cross-party group that will campaign for the UK to leave the European Union has been launched.

Cross party EU Exit campaign
Cross-party EU Exit campaign

Grassroots Out is supported by prominent politicians such as UKIP leader Nigel Farage, Labour MP Kate Hoey and Conservative ex-minister Liam Fox, among others.

The campaign was launched in Northamptonshire as most of the British public wants to leave EU according to the polls.

Speaking on this occasion, Mr Farage from UKIP said they were not against Europe but against the political union.

Anti-EU sentiments are building up across all the parties in the UK as just last week only conservative minister Chris Grayling said EU disastrous for the UK under present terms.

David Cameroon wants the UK to stay within a “reformed” EU, is pushing to renegotiate Britain’s terms of membership ahead of an in/out referendum.

Around two thousand people attended the Grassroots Out launch including former defence secretary Mr Fox, whose membership of the group was unveiled at the event, said: “If you cannot make your own laws or control your own borders you are not an independent sovereign nation.” He added: “It is time to look forwards and outwards… It is time to take control of our own destiny.”

David Cameron has said ministers will be free to campaign on either side ahead of the referendum, but he has also warned that they must treat each other with “appropriate respect and courtesy”.


Ms Hoey said she hoped the Labour shadow cabinet would also be free to choose and that she hoped some of “top leadership” of the party would also vote to leave Europe.