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Vipassana Hyderabad Reviews
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 by Subodh
Vipassana Hyderabad Reviews

(1) Extremely well managed center.

(2) Vipassana center prompt to reply any query.

(3) Convenient distance from the airport.

(4)Oldest Vipassana center in India and hence you can feel very peaceful energy in the dhamma hall.

Vipassana Hyderabad Reviews – Dhamma Khetta, Hyderabad, Telangana is the first permanent vipassana centre in India to conduct a course in September 1976 by honorable teacher Shri S N Goenka ji.

Vipassana Hyderabad Dhamma Khetta Pagoda @JNewsnetwork
Vipassana Hyderabad Dhamma Khetta Pagoda @JNewsnetwork

Well managed oldest vipassana center
Perhaps as it is the oldest Vipassana center, it is extremely well managed in comparison to most other vipassana centers in India.

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In the kitchen each student sitting place is marked with name before the course start and also in the kitchen shelf utensils are allocated for the course duration so students can wash themselves.

Walking Area
In vipassana centers across the world no other exercise is permitted (for the duration of course) except walking. Although Dhamma Khetta vipassana center is not huge but there are two walking lanes for the meditators of decent length.

Vipassana Hyderabad Dhamma Khetta Walking path @Jnewsetwork
Vipassana Hyderabad Dhamma Khetta Walking path @Jnewsetwork

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How to reach
Although Hyderabad airport is well connected with Uber and Ola taxi cab. It cost around Rs 700 to reach center from the Hyderabad Airport. However, many taxi drivers don’t really understand this area well so you really need to explain the whole center address.

Also sometimes Taxi or auto drivers may drop you near main road bus stop which is Gurramguda Bus Stop Remember this bus stop area is far away from the center say around 1.5 kilometers and if you have bigger luggage than it may become very tricky. So you need to ensure your cab drivers or auto driver should drop you exactly at center reception which has the direct road connectivity but not very obvious.

Vipassana Hyderabad Dhamma Khetta Reception @JnewsNetwork
Vipassana Hyderabad Dhamma Khetta Reception @JnewsNetwork

Actually I don’t know why Dhamma Khetta has still mentioned Gurramguda Bus Stop in their address because road entrance from that side is closed as of now and its long distance by foot specially with luggage.

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Weather in summer
Weather in summer at Dhamma Kheta is quite comfortable in comparison to north India. For example in the month of June when the temperature near Delhi was around 42 degree celsius, at Dhamma Khetta it was around 32 degree only although some teachers close the fan in the meditation hall and in Pagodas the heat may be too much specially in summer day time.

Schedule of courses at Dhamma khetta

Vipassana International Meditation Centre – Dhamma Khetta
12.6km. Ibrahim-patnam Road,
Gurramguda Bus Stop,
Hyderabad, Telangana 500 070, India


Phone: Land line: [+91] (40) 2424-0290
Cell (Timings: 10.00AM To 01.00PM Only):  (+91) 9491594247
Fax: [+91](40) 2424-1746

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