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Vipassana Kanpur
Vipassana Kanpur

The main reason for giving Kanpur Vipassana center as 5 star rating is the same as for the Lucknow vipassana center which is Kanpur vipassana center trustees too are tying to help people to come out of their miseries with the best of their abilities, intentions without expecting anything in return. So with this intention one can’t have anything less than full marks.

However, there are many areas where Kanpur vipassana center can be improve without spending much money.

Hygiene Issue at Kanpur Vipassana Center:
The Kanpur vipassana center is quite clean as regular cleaning takes place everyday but unfortunately for some weird reason I don’t understand Indian meditators keep spitting everywhere??? I am sure they don’t spit in their own house so why in the dhamma center? I have observe same issue in Jaipur vipassana center and Lucknow vipassana center but very less in Hyderabad vipassana center.

The Kanpur vipassana center has capacity of around 120 people (men) & amazing thing is that the center has provided individual room for all the meditator so they can meditate seriously which is great, however, for 120 men there is only one water cooler which makes it long queue for filling water but that is not the issue.

The issue is that Kanpur vipassana center is helping many people from small villages and unfortunately basic hygiene issue is grossly neglected. Most people drinking water from their water bottle which they touch from their mouth and than same water bottle they touch to the water tap from where everyone is filling water and here is big chances of infection can be spread.

Similarly in the dining hall many people keep coughing right on the food without considering the fact that they may be spreading their cough infection to others by coughing. Many people don’t bother to cover their mouth and
even if few cover mouth they bother to wash their hands.

Now obviously Kanpur vipassana center may not be able to much but they can always put notice at several places such as Water cooler, Dining Hall and also verbal announcement to observe hygiene rule so diseases may not spread.

Vipassana Poland best Vipassana center from hygiene point of view

In addition once the vipassana course at Kanpur center is finished the arrangement to drop meditators to connecting point in the city was quite mismanaged as many were sitting for hours and still no clarity if the auto was coming to pick and since the vipassana center is so inside no auto or cab ready to come.

Vipassana Kanpur Unique Pagodas
Vipassana Kanpur Unique Pagodas