Post Office Harassing Senior Citizens in Bareilly India

Post Office Qutub Khana Bareilly
Post Office Qutub Khana Bareilly

While postal department in India taking steps to digitize its services but its staff at regional post office branches in Bareilly acting in autocratic manner & harassing senior citizens.

What is even worse that they don’t care even about Director General as 2 emails DG office to Bareilly post office Qutub Khana branch went unanswered.

The point is, if post office staff Umesh Trivedi & PMaster Shri Dheeraj Yadav don’t care about DG, will they care about the normal customers?

How customers are harassed (at Bareilly PO Qutub Khana branch staff Umesh Trivedi and PM Shri Dheeraj Yadav). Following are some of my observations.

Turn away customers for any & every excuse and then make them wait for hours in addition to behaving with them rudely for the reasons best known to PO staff Umesh Trivedi supported by post master Shri Dheeraj Yadav.

(1) When customers comes to collect matured FD/NSC, they ask them to come after one day or many days subject to their discretion???

Point is: When bank pay the matured FD payment same day, why PO staff always insist on paying after several days. I have myself waited for many days in the past.

(2) Even coming after several days of waiting, senior citizens wait for several hours waiting in scorching heat.

(3)If a senior citizen has developed health issue related to hands tremor, than PO staff refused to pay the payment until he or she runs to CMO and make one certificate to certify that the person has parkinson disease despite knowing that person well as he has several more FD/NSC for years.

Worst example of autocratic behaviour 

(4)If a senior citizen can’t come personally to collect his matured FD at Bareilly PO Qutub Khana branch because of serious health issue (bed ridden) than staff Umesh Trivedi rudely stated that he won’t pay the cheque (in the senior citizen name) to his family (even with authority letter) & refused to listen further. He further stated he don’t care even about DG if complaints made to the higher authorities such as DG.

In this matter I talked to the Post Master Shri Yadav explaining that (a)They can call on the phone number of my mother mentioned in the NSC form to confirm (b) I have Addhar card for both myself and my mother (senior citizen) (3) I will also bring authority letter from my mother when come to collect cheque in her name (as post office don’t pay the payment same day) but post master also politely declined while supporting staff Umesh Trivedi & he also stated he also don’t care even if complaint was made against him???

How long senior citizens have to suffer?

Most customers are not aware of their rights and any rules/regulation/policy. For example in this case post master didn’t inform that I have right to complain in the complaint book which should be available at post office.

Won’t post office in India will lose customers & hence business because of unpleasant and autocratic staff ?