John Wick 2019 Reviews : Chapter 3 Parabellum


John Wick 2019 Reviews by JNN
John Wick 2019 Reviews by JNN

John Wick Chapter 3 Parabellum 2019 Reviews

Looking at the reviews for this film first and than watched this movie, one thing I can say for sure that most reviews are either fake or something is really weird about these viewers as around 93 percent Google user seem to like this film???

Movie was around 2 hours 10 minutes and imagine 90 percent of the time there is fight going on in film, some scene extremely violent, with no emotions and worst no story line???

I personally feel that directors, actors all either sleep while directing and writing this film or may be high on drugs that they didn’t realize what exactly they are doing.

This film is also an example that with almost non existent story line and very bad direction even great actors such as Keanu Reeve look average.

Just like Godzilla latest 2019 film John Wick was absolute useless film or may be great for few fight fanatics. 🙂