Why St George A2 Dominion & Peabody ignoring service charge dispute

Why St George A2 Dominion & Peabody are ignoring service charge dispute which is pending since 2010 tribunal hearing.

A service charge dispute related to Mallard House residents in SW6 London is still pending since 2010 Tribunal proceedings.

Mr Michaux from a2dominion was unable to explain the basis of service charge.

Ms Hadden from family mosaic (now Peabody) admitted dispute with St George London (now Berkeley Group properties).

The Tribunal decided that definitive answers can only be obtained from St George London.

But unfortunately it is still not resolved.

Rendall and Rittner managing agent on behalf of A2Dominion instead of resolving the dispute related to service charges, harrassing some Mallard House residents and appointed J B Leitch solicitors who appears to have one of the worst rating or reviews on Trust pilot UK.

Shouldn’t Rendall and Rittner before appointing JB leitch solicitors should explain or prove first how they calculated service charge demand to Mallard House residents?

Shouldn’t A2 Dominion, St George and peabody should resolve the long pending dispute which is causing stress to Mallard House residents in SW6 London?