Is this the reason Trump calls The New York Times as Fake News

NewYork Times called as Fake News by Trump JNewsNetwok
NewYork Times called as Fake News by  DonaldTrump 

Today’s morning I came across news in one of the leading newspapers in the UK that President Donald Trump will lose the 2020 election in a landslide defeat predicted by some economics model.

Then I started to wonder who are these people and what kind of data they use or should I say how they invent the data because often it comes out be wrong. The reason I am saying this is because I firmly believed that in the coming 2020 election, President Trump will win the elections and I have also made the video with reasons to explain my point of view. 

Then I realized no wonder why President Trump called some of these news media outlets as fake news.

Then I came across above news from The New York Times where they have predicted in the Year 2016, Donald Trump has only 9 % chance of winning and Hilary Clinton has 91 % chance of winning and started to wonder is it these kinds of news president Trump called The New York Times as Fake News?

What do you think about The New York Times & do you think it is publishing fake news?