Is Big Conspiracy going on against President Trump in the name of Coronavirus

Donald Trump COVID 19 Testing
Donald Trump COVID 19 Conspiracy

Is there a big conspiracy going on against President Trump in the name of Coronavirus? 

(1) The same people who were against President Trump’s travel ban from China are the ones who are saying that President Trump should have banned the travel earlier and more lives can be saved??? 

Likewise, the same people who are insisting lockdown in the US should continue (despite they have limited information about COVID 19) are the ones who are accusing President Trump of job losses because of lockdown and asking him what is his plan to revive economy??? But how can recovery happen if the lockdown is not lifted?

The followings are many other reasons for the conspiracy against President Trump. 

(2) President has been repeatedly accused by reporters of a big number of coronavirus cases in the USA 

All those who are accusing President Trump of big numbers of coronavirus cases say 1.5 million, either don’t understand themselves or pretend not to understand that the number of coronaviruses cases means nothing. 

Let me explain, see our body has thousands of viruses and bacterias in any case. So all the people from the whole planet have thousands of viruses and bacterias. So it doesn’t matter you find out 1.5 million people have coronavirus or 15 million have that virus. What matters is how many fall sick of this coronavirus and that number percentage is very very less because in most cases people recover without even knowing because of their immune system.

I would say the world’s most deadly infectious diseases is TB perhaps many more times more dangerous than Coronavirus (despite available medication) because once you get it you have to take a minimum of 6 months to 2 years of daily medication between 4 to 12 tablets every single day and liver damage is the frequent side effects of TB medications.

Now, 1/4th of the Whole World’s Population around 1750 million people are infected by Tuberculosis, but actual people who sick are between 5 to 10 percent only when their immune system becomes weaker. Similarly, It doesn’t matter how many cases of coronaviruses but how many actually fall sick.

So the whole point reporters accusing President Trump for high number of cases just doesn’t make sense and in addition President Trump was perhaps the first one to suggest a Travel ban.

(3)Lockdown: Now some are accusing President Trump of lifting lockdown and playing with people’s life and so on…completely useless accusation and WHO quick to issue advisory against the quick lifting of lockdown and so on..

Let me illustrate further. As per the World Health Organization report, TB’s world’s most infectious disease killed around 1.5 million people annually.  That way the whole world should be lockdown? But WHO never said that why? Think about it?

Or let me make it easier for WHO, shall I say the World’s maximum number of the most deadly infectious disease TB cases are in India so that way whole India should be lockdown? but WHO never advises India to complete lockdown even though around 4,00,000 people die every year in India alone from TB which is the most infectious disease on the planet despite medication available?

So why WHO is very keen to continuously issue caution warning against lifting lockdown in the USA and second wave of coronavirus? Why WHO never ask India to close down permanently? So why does WHO continuously creating fear by warning to the US about the opening lockdown?

(4)WHO suspending HCQ testing

President Trump suggested the use of HCQ as prevention against Coronavirus and again many mainstream media outlets denounced him saying him dangerous and WHO suspended the testing of medicine citing safety fears but again now today ICMR confirmed that HCQ safe to be taken and helpful in case of coronavirus.

(5)Reporters accusing President Trump of the Coronavirus Death Count in the USA

Again on this matter, President Trump seems to be right as the US Coronavirus death count may be highly inflated. 

(6) There is also news going around those people who are accusing Trump wants the lockdown to continue by creating fear of coronavirus so President Trump can’t hold his rallies for re-election and in addition to destroy the flourishing American economy.

Let me know your views in the comments section what do you think about the conspiracy against President Trump. Always remember if you don’t speak for your rights than who will?