Generative AI : Charging Creativity Codex Event Highlights

Codex Event London @Journalism News Network
Codex Event London @Journalism News Network

Generative AI (Artificial Intelligence): Turbo-charging creativity event organised by Codex was held on Thursday 27th April 5-30pm, at the Swiss Embassy in London.

Following are the highlights of the Codex event:

  • According to Emad Mostaque of Stability ai: AI can pass almost any exam except the literature so there is scope for creativity.
  • Stability ai building model, editable for any nationality, etc, specialised model for anyone.


According to Dalith Steiger, Co-founder, SwissCognitive: 

Switzerland is one of the 5 AI strongholds in the world because of its very good infrastructure and hence the base for many UN bodies.

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According to Nick Lynes, CEO and Co-founder, of Flawless AI:

  • Hollywood has very high inefficiency, for one shot, it can take even 5 days and that too in one language only and it’s here where AI can help innovatively.
  • Solving the high production cost of Hollywood dubbing for example by AI lip synchronized and saving big cost.

Basically, all the dubbing jobs will be gone and ai can do it in less time and much faster and more environmentally friendly ways.

Generative AI is magical and exciting, but it poses some big questions:
The Codex conference discussed the following:

The sectors which will be disrupted?
Which new business models will be created?
How will it impact the job market and its implications in education and business?
What are the potential ethical and societal implications of the widespread adoption of generative AI?

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Speakers included:
Emad Mostaque, CEO and Founder, Stability AI
Ed Grefenstette, Head of Machine Learning, Cohere
Nick Lynes, CEO and Co-founder, Flawless AI
HE Markus Leitner, Ambassador of Switzerland to the United Kingdom.

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The event was organised by Codex – Home of the World’s Top 50 Innovators Series Twitter @codexworld. For more info