AI to Leverage Training CloudShare Event Highlights

CloudShare-AI-Event-London-scaled.jpgMay 3, 2023
May 3, 2023

AI (Artificial Intelligence) to leverage training event organised by CloudShare was held on Tuesday 3rd May 6-8 pm, at the
Revolution London – Leadenhall in London.

The followings are the highlights of the CloudShare event:

Daniel Hulme from Satalia shared informative insights into the world of AI & Microsoft representative shared how Cloudshare product helped their company training, especially during the Covid lockdown.

Daniel Hulme used interesting slides to explain Data and Information.

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Some of the ideas out of many explained/discussed included:

(1) Search Businesses of Google may feel the impact of the advent of AI and that’s why perhaps code red at Google.
ChatGPT Caused ‘Code Red’ at Google, report says.

(2) SEO profession may also be affected.

(3) Many jobs may become obsolete.

(4) Super brain may be developed during our lifetime with the help of AI.

Finally, CloudShare presented how their upcoming future product can help company training.