Codex Event Highlights Artificial Intelligence & Mobility


Codex World’s Top Innovators Conference highlights 26th Sept 2022 on Artificial Intelligence & Future of Mobility

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Codex Innovators conference ” World’s Top 50 Innovators 2022″ began today 26th Sept at Central London.

A distinguished lineup of CEOs, Scientists, Engineers, and Entrepreneurs presented & share their ideas with the audience.

The format was a presentation, lasting 15 minutes (or less), in which the speaker addresses how challenging questions in front of humanity can be solved by the technology and research they are working on.

Daniel Nathrath, CEO, of Ada Health shared how their technology can track any disease outbreak in real-time and can help solve
some of healthcare’s biggest problems. Ada Health appointed a team of doctors to interpret data to convert it into knowledge and how doctors can save time.

Dr Han from supernal shared why automation and cited reasons such as:
60 percent accidents because by pilots
15 Million accidents.

He explained the hurdles Autonomous flying faces such as public acceptance because of fear & insecurity in the mind of Pilots losing their lively hood.

Another huge technical challenge while driving on road was unpredictable human behaviour, animals on road in some countries, etc.

In his assessment, autonomous flying can come first with small aircraft and perhaps big airliners after some time.

Doron Myersdorf, CEO, StoreDot shared his thought on the reasons people are sceptical about buying an electric vehicle because of charging time.

The charging infrastructure is not there.

He explained that Storedot usp is charging speed and behind that his 10 years of research to reinvent the battery.

He explained behind his USP, there is 10years of research, 40 PhD working….and now they are Shipping battery and several
Companies are testing the product.

Generative AI : Charging Creativity Codex Event Highlights

Michael O’Kronley, CEO, of Ascend Elements, explains that there are valuable minerals in batteries and that is why they should be recycled. Lots of materials in the battery.

He explains that the challenge is how to extract minerals in an optimised way and how to organically extract minerals such as Separating lithium, Nicole, cathode, etc in an environmentally friendly way.

He said, “every Giga factory needs a recycling factory within a 1-hour distance. Lots of investment needs to happen in the recycling industry”.

He further added that “this recycling industry doesn’t need any regulation which makes it an attractive industry to invest in”.

For detailed information on World’s Top 50 Innovators 2022 conference, 26-28 September, London

The last Speaker discussed what the future of AV Autonomous vehicles looks like.

She talks about road safety, economic growth, reduce emissions, productivity gains etc.

She shared, every 22 minutes in the UK there is some accident and with av, the hope is to bring the accident number down. She added AV can benefits up to 40Billion pounds and thousands of jobs and this technology is accessible to everyone.

Challenges behind AV:

Every country has different rules which AV technology needs to adopt.

Data allows development more capability to solve problems although challenges are still there to adopt to unexpected behaviours in AV

Rakesh Rawal from Codex shared his interesting observations in the UK that if you run over a cat you don’t have to stop and carry over but if you run over Dog you need to stop and perhaps AV technology to incorporate.