Trump signs Executive Order on Social Media to defend Free Speech

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President Donald Trump signs Executive Order to defend free speech yesterday by preventing online censorship by Twitter and other tech companies.

According to President Trump, tech bias has become a major issue facing US democracy. It challenges the free exchange of ideas and public debate that protects American civil liberties.

President Trump believes that every American citizen whether liberal, conservative or otherwise has a right to be heard and treated fairly online.

However, Twitter on several occasions found to be biased against Conservative views and involved in censoring them. This is not acceptable as per President Trump as he mentioned that free speech is the bedrock of American democracy.

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Our Founding Fathers protected this sacred right with the First Amendment to the Constitution. The freedom to express and debate ideas is the foundation for all of our rights as free people.

Following are some of the key actions in President Trump’s order:

  • Makes it U.S. policy that platforms who selectively edit, censor, or are not acting in “good faith” with regards to content will not receive the liability protection included in Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act
  • Directs the Commerce Department to petition the FCC to make clarifying rules on Section 230 in line with U.S. policy
  • Helps stop millions of taxpayer dollars from being wasted by federal agencies on advertising with biased social media platforms
  • Ensures the Justice Department will review more than 16,000 complaints about politically motivated censorship that were collected by the White House in advance of a Social Media Summit held last year.

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Massive corporations that treat millions of American citizens unfairly shouldn’t expect special privileges and protections under the law.

With President Trump’s Executive Order, our country is one step closer to having an honest, fair public debate.

For more information on executive order kindly visit the White House website