Blacklivesmatters protest turning heat on Indian H1B Visa holders

As the Blacklivesmatters movement is gaining momentum, some of the activists start asking high paying tech jobs for Latino and Black workers.

Jesse Jackson Halt H1B Visa
Jesse Jackson Halt H1B Visa

For example, Jesse Jackson said H1B visas hold back diversity in tech hiring.

As per one estimate, African American women and Hispanic women represent 3% and 1% of tech workers respectively. So perhaps Jesse Jackson has a point.

Last month US President Donald Trump has been asked by five US lawmakers to temporarily suspend new H-1B and practical training visas as unemployment in the country soars quite high around 14 percent.

Senators Ted Cruz, Tom Cotton, Chuck Grassley, and Josh Hawley suggested suspending all work visas for 60 days. 

After 60 days they suggestion included suspending some category including H1B “for at least the next year, or until unemployment has returned to normal levels.”

Indians are the largest group of H1-B visa-holders around 70 percent of all such visas and of course, any ban or suspension would likely affect them in the same ratio although Tech companies don’t want any reduction in H1B visa.

Monstrum mentioned Tech firm won't help black kids
Monstrum mentioned Tech firm won’t help black kids

Another user Monstrum on Twitter mentioned that Tech firms won’t help black kids despite around 61 percent of foreign workers on H1B visas.

Similarly, user Oak Wulf on Twitter stated why not Tech firm trained the Americans as there are more than 600,000 workers on H1B visas.

Likewise, there are 100s of activists on Twitter now who are demanding high paying tech jobs for native Americans and also for African Americans and Latinos.

President Trump suspended H1B Visa till the end of 2020 & order permanent changes to the H1B visa lottery system.

Tech companies have shown their compassion for BlackLivesmatter and announced to donate millions of dollars, however, it is yet to be seen what they would do with the demand of African Americans to get the tech jobs.

It is perhaps up to President to decide if the H1B visa be suspended for the time being. Likewise Tech firm to introspect if they would like to bring diversity.

User Oak Wulf stated why not train americans
User Oak Wulf stated why not train & hire Americans

Latest Update: On the 20th of June 2020, President Trump has confirmed that there will be restrictions on the H1B visa, H2B Visa, J1 Visa, and L1 Visa and perhaps suspension for the long term and it will be announced by 22nd of June 2020.

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