Why Obama didn’t stop modern day slave market in Libya?

Why honorable ex-president Obama didn’t stop the modern-day slave market in Libya?

It’s been around 150 years since President Lincoln’s declared in the midst of the U.S. Civil War that all slaves “shall be free.”  But are they free till a few years back? Black slaves were sold in the open-air slave market during the time of honorable Ex-president Obama presidency and when sectary of state Ms. Hilary Clinton was in charge.

For all those who are accusing President Trump of everything including the death of Black life, I have 3 basic questions.

(1)Why honorable exp President Obama didn’t stop modern-day slavery during his 8 years of tenure? He was the most powerful man in the world. He was a symbol of hope for all-black fraternity but why he ignores this such an important matter and now accusing Trump of various things?

(2)Why Black Life matters don’t talk about black people who are sold as slaves in the modern day time. Only two reasons
Either they don’t care about Black people’s life or they have some other agenda such as to create disruption/riots in America and other European countries and destroy social fabric?

(3)Liberal media which is constantly denouncing President Trump why they never ask honorable ex-president Obama about black people slavery???

You may find more info on the following link and other sources on the internet about the modern-day black slave market.