Phitsanulok Vipassana Reviews

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Phitsanulok vipassana Reviews
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 by Subodh Gupta
Phitsanulok Vipassana Meditation

Must visit!!! The center looks more like a luxury resort and spotlessly clean, unlike most vipassana centers which are quite basic in nature,

The center is very peaceful and situated inside forest area and perfectly conducive for meditation.

Phitsanulok Vipassana Center Image
Phitsanulok Vipassana Center Image

Dhamma Abha Phitsanulok (Thailand) Vipassana Meditation Reviews

This Vipassana meditation center in Phitsanulok is around 5 hours drive via road from Bangkok.

This vipassana center looks quite different from all the meditation centers in the sense that it looks more like a 5 star resort with lush green areas, single occupancy hut on the male side with all the modern amenities inside room and rooms are spotlessly clean.

Travelling to Phitsanulok meditation center

The only downside at the center and most part of Thailand (except Phuket or Bangkok) is most people don’t understand English well apart from very basic. So if you are planning to travel on your own via train or bus from Bangkok to this center I would advise don’t do that because most of the time bus drivers don’t understand English and you may land up somewhere else.

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The best solution is that this vipassana meditation center provided direct pick up bus from Bangkok direct to this center and also just after course completes it drop you back to the same venue in Bangkok. This is easiest and best solution unless you know Thai language well and want to do be adventurous.

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I used the word adventurous because in Phitsanulok the private transport such as Tuk tuk or cab is very rare and even if you got one, if you are lucky, they don’t understand english.

The Phitsanulok vipassama meditation center is spotlessly clean and very well managed.

Many courses which are held here only in Thai launguage but some are in English language as well.

For some reason number of women students are in double in number as compared to men. Center area between men and women are completely segregated from the beginning.

Jaipur Vipassana Reviews

Dhamma hall is well protected from mosquitoes despite being in forest area with multiple net all around from stair case to dhamma hall.

Unlike most vipassana centers in India where facilities are mostly basic, Phitsanulok meditation centre look more like a luxury resort and every facility is provided to meditators so they cam meditate effectively.

Definitely once in a life time visit. 🙂

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