Non-hormonal technology for control of infertility in bovines: India

Around 37% bovines in India suffer from infertility and annual loss is estimated over Rs. 56 billions.

Infertility is a serious problem in bovines throughout India & animals do not come in heat properly within 4 months of calving. The problem is more serious in subsequent lactations, particularly in buffaloes and high yielding crossbreeds.

Even repeated insemination may not result in conceptions. This affects profitability of the dairy severely. In villages or unorganized farms, due to non- feeding of balanced ration situation is more serious. About 37% bovines in India suffer from anestrous/ delayed estrous/ infertility and annual loss is estimated over Rs. 56 billions.

To overcome the problem a non-hormonal innovative technology based on certain minerals and vitamins in special combinations has been developed by Dr R. B. Rai from ICAR which not only corrects the normal cycle but induces it also. 

Using this technology, farmers can even decide the date and month of pregnancy in their animals. It is estimated that if only 10 lakhs bovines in the country per year are attempted, keeping in view the A1 success rate at 40% and advancement of pregnancy by only 100 days, per year extra milk production will be at the tune more than 2 lakh tones (@ 5 lit./day/animal) which will be equivalent to Rs. 12 billions/yr.). The technology has been transferred to firms so that it can reach to farmers.

The technology promised to be very helpful in conservation of indigenous bovine germplasms having peculiar traits. More info from D R. B. Rai scientist at IVRI Indian Veterinary Research Institute.